The Sinclair/Sutherland genealogy


The Caithness towns and villages where the family comes from

George Sinclair and Georgina Sutherland, our children's great-grand-parents, with their three oldest daughters. From left to right, Jane, Helen and Annie. Helen is our children's grandmother.

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Here's a collection of webpages showing : Some other places in Caithness :
- the descendants of William Sinclair - Berriedale
- the descendants of Elizabeth Bain - Dunnet Head
- the descendants of John Gunn - Forss
- the descendants of Ann Grant - Ham
- the descendants of John Sutherland - John o' Groats
- the descendants of William Taylor - Girnigoe and Sinclair Castle and Noss Head
- the descendants of Angus Mackay - Clett Rock
- the descendants of Elizabeth Thomson - Scrabster
- the ancestors of Raymond Sinclair - Stemster
- Helen's ancestors ( a sketch of her tree)  

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